Online training

Online training

Welcome to the WaterChain online training on reducing nutrient load from catchments. See the table of content below for the specific topics covered in the training material. The training material is divided into six chapters. In addition to concise information slides on the different topics, the training material includes links to videos and further information.

After going through the training materials, you can test your knowledge and do a short exam! The exam is a questionnaire consisting of 12 multiple option questions. After the successful completion of the exam, you will obtain a certificate for finalizing the WaterChain online course.


Reducing nutrient load from catchments

  1. Catchment area and nutrients
    1. The catchment area
    2. Nutrients
  2. Loading
    1. Types of loading
    2. Types of external loading
    3. Internal loading of phosphorus
    4. Sources of nutrients
    5. Impacts of nutrient load
  3. Water Framework Directive, WFD
  4. Technical solutions to reduce nutrient load
    1. Agricultural fields
    2. Forestry
    3. Storm waters
    4. Waste water

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