What can I do?

Everyone can make a difference.

Protecting the Baltic Sea requires actions both on land and sea areas.

Preventing and reducing the infows of nutrients and hazardous substances into the Baltic Sea is partly a political issue at national and international levels in the countries of the catchment area. However, every one of us can make a difference with our own daily choices. Every act counts, no matter how small it might be.

Check our suggestions and make your promise to the Baltic Sea.

European Union’s waste legislation and waste policy set a priority order to waste management.

  1. Reduce the amount of waste by buying less! Always use and eat what you buy.
  2. Refuse using perfluorinated compounds, single-use plastics, chemicals and pesticides, that are harmful to the environment and people’s health.
  3. Reuse and repair what you can. If you don’t need it anymore, pass it forward!
  4. Recycle! Never use the toilet bowl as a trash can. Take unused pharmaceuticals back to the pharmacy and collect the trash you see.

Waste in the environment is our common problem. We can all affect with our own choices and actions!