How can I reduce the nutrient load from my fields?

Surface run-off and drainage flow from agricultural fields transport suspended solids and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus compounds) into receiving waterbodies. The amount of loading depends on several factors, such as the use of fertilizers, field soil type and nutrient content, sloppiness, vegetation and climate.

Good agricultural practices and use of right load reduction methods can mitigate loading into waterbodies. However, choosing the best water protection measure might be difficult The decision support tool (Excel) helps you to select suitable methods for your particular field or farming area.

How to use the decision support tool?

The tool contains a set of different load reduction methods and questions that help you to choose an appropriate method for your field. If you wish to reduce the number of optional methods, you may use the filter options in the upper part of the table. For more information on methods of interest, use the links to information sheets in the rightmost column. Note: The decision support tool is only meant to be instructive. The consultation of an expert prior to actions is recommended.