Clean drinking water for everyone

A strategic approach to a sustainable drinking water supply for Åland

Åland Water has put new focus on our strategic and sustainable development work since the autumn of 2016. The process has been linked with two ongoing processes in Åland: the work with a sustainable food strategy for Åland and the Åland Development and Sustainability Agenda, where the goal 3 says “All water is of good quality” (

The process has also developed into a best practice experience within the Central Baltic WATERCHAIN project where Åland Water used this strategic approach to be able to identify suitable measures to reduce nutrients and hazardous substances.

A great effort to lay the foundation for a sustainable drinking water supply for Åland has already been made and we at Åland Water are very pleased with the result.

We have documented our process to help and inspire other actors who want to do similar sustainability work within their organization. A clear vision and defined targets are a prerequisite to be able to start analyze, plan, develop and cooperate for sustainability. Here we describe our vision, our core values ​​and our strategic development goals.

For information about the whole process please see these documents and the film about our work.


Sustainable drinking water supply for Åland

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