Let’s Do It!

Let’s Do It! World campaign and Estonian Environmental Research Centre (EERC)

In order to raise awareness among public about the state of Baltic Sea and the amount of harmful substances entering the water circulation, EERC is planning to collaborate with the campaign Let’s Do It! World. Let’s Do It! World is a civic-led mass movement, with the goal of cleaning up the planet in one day – on World Cleanup Day – 15th of September 2018.

In order to help this great cause, EERC is planning to gather as much information as possible about the amount and type of collected garbage in the pilot area during Teeme Ära talgupäev – 5th of May 2018. Teeme Ära talgupäev is an annual community activities day, where every community or organization decides themselves what needs to be done in their community: this includes clean-ups. From the collected information the rough estimation of the amount of “captured” harmful substances (e.g. Bisphenol A and perfluorinated compounds) can be calculated.

The results are planned to be published in an article, which will be circulated among interested parties and in the social media. With this information EERC is hoping to point out the importance, and the potential, of civic movements in the process of reducing harmful substances in the environment, as well as showing that simply picking up the garbage does make a difference for our health and for the planet.